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Are you tired of trying to figure out what anti aging natural supplements you should take, if any?

Over the years, one thing that I've learned is that anti aging supplements, be they natural or "artificial" are far LESS important than we're led to believe.

In fact, if you want to stay fit and slow down the clock, there are three major factors that you should consider before anything else:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • The problem is... these have almost become UNNATURAL to the modern human being! Let's be honest: Nutrition? We don't want to restrict ourselves. Exercising? Tough. Sleeping? Dull. No wonder we're looking for THE magic pill, or the secret anti aging natural supplements that could allow us to maintain our fricked up way of life!

    Let's take each of these factors and see why they're more important than anti aging natural supplements.

    Nutrition: To make a long story short, anti aging nutrition is natural nutrition: whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, cold-pressed vegetable oils, and very little milk products and meats (ever pictured yourself killing and eating a beef with your bare hands?). We Westerners tend to do just the opposite: we love fried chicken, eat meat everyday, ice cream when we feel like it, highly refined flour, overcooked vegetables... and anti aging natural supplements!!! Go figure...

    Exercise: Let's face it: for most of us, exercising is NOT pleasant. Quite the contrary: we do it like we do chores - because we feel we have no choice. And let's admit it: some of us have renounced. Yet, exercise may be the single most important factor in life extension. Several studies have shown that anti aging exercises are truly effective in slowing down the aging clock. Plus, they're a natural sleep aid - when you go skating for an hour, you rarely need any drugs to help you sleep.

    Sleep: I hear you say: "I would gladly sleep more, were it not for my job for which I must get up..." Hummm... That's our problem: we would get more sleep, if only... If only there were no TV sets? No internet? No books? Again, it seems that our modern living conditions are an impediment to our health; were it not for the magic of electricity, maybe we'd go to sleep earlier, and maybe we'd make love a little more often (and we've all heard that a satisfying sexual life is a longevity factor).

    To sum it up, in the end, it's all about being a rational human being, as opposed to a person who's unable to have control over her primitive pulsions (which were GOOD in an environment where food was scarce, but which aren't in an environment where food is plentiful). One expression that I hope will become a buzzword is "calorie restriction". We've all heard about the experiment: rats that were fed just a little less than what they would normally get lived a lot longer than rats that were allowed to eat all they wanted (the equivalent of rich countries human beings).

    Still, that leaves you wondering what anti aging natural supplements you could take, after making all the above a solid part of your way of life. Well, I created this site to share my findings on the topic.

    A word of caution: these are antiaging solutions that seem to work for me; the thing is, we're all different, and there may be anti aging natural supplements that are good for me, and not-so-good for you. My number one criteria, for any food or supplement, is "Does it make me feel more energized?" If it does, in the long term, then I consider it to be "good". If there's no result, well, I might keep it if I trust the research that's been done about it, but in doubt, I won't take it.

    That's it. Hope you'll find the anti aging natural supplements that are just right for YOU!

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