The Anti Aging Properties of Aloe Vera

The Anti Aging Properties of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a cactus-like succulent that originally hails from Northern Africa and that is famous the world over for its antiseptic and anti aging properties. Many households keep an aloe Vera houseplant on hand to use on burns and minor abrasions, but aloe Vera is also used in anti aging creams and in various herbal preparations for both internal and external use.

Aloe Vera is truly a miracle plant. Its use as a medicinal goes back thousands of years. Some claims made about aloe Vera are almost certainly exaggerated, but many have been backed up by credible scientific research.

For example, aloe Vera juice has been shown to be effective in treating the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis, and to regulate intestinal activity and kill harmful intestinal bacteria. Recent discoveries have shown that toxins created by these harmful intestinal bacteria directly trigger and accelerate the aging process, and that they contribute to many inflammatory diseases once thought to a natural part of aging.

Aloe Vera has also works as a stimulant to the immune system in cats and dogs and aids in the treatment of some forms of canine and feline cancer by helping the anima to off the disease naturally. At this time, aloe Vera has not been approved for use against cancer in humans, but future research is likely. (Injections of aloe Vera are not safe for animals or humans, so never consider these under any circumstances.)

When taken internally, aloe Vera can help to regulate glucose levels in diabetics, and can lower levels of fat in the human blood stream. Aloe Vera is perfectly safe when added to juices and tinctures, and is widely available as a food additive and nutritional supplement.

The anti aging properties of aloe Vera when applied to the skin are well documented. Anti aging aloe Vera softens skin and kills dangerous bacteria such as the Shigella and Streptococcus bacilli, and it has also been shown effective in treating psoriasis and a variety of skin disorders. When used in toothpaste, aloe Vera reduces the incidence of both gingivitis and dental plaque.

An important fact about home use of aloe Vera is that the plant actually excretes two substances. The green juice excreted with the surface area of the plant is cut or scratched is actually an irritant and should not be used externally or internally. The clear gel that is excreted with the plant spikes are cut or broken in half and squeezed is the anti aging part of aloe Vera and the part that has healing properties. This is the part that you want, not the green surface juice.

To obtain the benefits of aloe Vera for internal use, look for a commercially sold drink or juice that lists aloe Vera in the first five ingredients. Many are available and all are likely to taste much better than anything you could prepare at home. Aloe Vera gel taken directly from the plant can be applied to skin to heal and soften, and the ingredient can also be found in many anti aging creams, dental products, medicinal products, and herbal supplements and teas.

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